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Happy New Year

So you agreed to be the designated driver and drove your friends to the big party. While everyone else was getting drunk, you stayed with diet cola. Finally the big moment comes and your host offers you a glass of champagne. What harm can there be in one drink after all?

Now you and your friends find yourself at the side of the road, standing in the freezing cold with no car. You got stopped at a roadside test and were asked to blow into a breathalyzer. Despite being completely sober, you blew 0.055. As a result you were charged under Ontario’s new impaired driving law and  license suspended on the spot. No trial and no way to get home. Welcome to Dalton McGuinty’s Ontario.

You didn’t think it was a problem when they banned pit bulls. After all, you didn’t own a pit bull. You thought that there was no problem when they passed the racing and stunt driving laws. After all, you’re not a racer. You didn’t see anything wrong when they banned smoking in bars and restaurants, after all you don’t smoke. Now you stand at the side of the road trying to find a taxi in the early hours of New Years Day and you wonder what happened?

What did I do wrong? Since when is it a crime to drive a car when you’re NOT DRUNK? Then again, when did it become a crime to own a dog, or to drive a bit fast when you’re passing a truck on the highway? In McGuinty’s Ontario, you can face prison time for all three. For sure you can have your car impounded, or your family’s dog seized and killed.

So, on New Year’s Eve in Ontario, while police in other jurisdictions are busy watching for impaired drivers and arresting them to make the roads safer, police in Ontario are busy seizing cars and driver’s licenses from people who have been careful to remain sober. Is this supposed to make our roads safer? Of course not. All it does is make McGuinty’s friends in the temperance movement otherwise known as Mothers Against Drunk Driving happy.

Like so many other laws in McGuinty’s Ontario, the impaired driving law has nothing to do with the stated goal – in this case getting drunk drivers off the road. Instead the law detracts from the real police work needed to achieve that goal.

Let’s hope that this doesn’t happen to you. Until we can elect a leader who will pass sensible laws that achieve their desired goals and respect our freedoms, I’m recommending that you stay home, party at a neighbours or at a bar within walking distance or at a hotel with a room booked for the night. If you do drive, watch out for the police. They aren’t there to help you.